Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Melinda Szymanik Visits Room 24

Yesterday morning Melinda came to visit Room 24.She came because she is an author of children's books and she wented to share her love of book with us.first Melinda went to Room 27 and then Melinda went to Room 25.she came to Room 24 to read a book to us. Next she read the were nana and in the book the brother told his sister that their nana was a werewolf after that she told us about the book. Lastly she went to go to room 13. I enjoyed the visit because it was cool.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Making Jelly

First we put in the green jelly crystals in the bowl. When the jug was boiling Miss Szymanik  got the hot boiling water when she got the boiling water and then she put the hot boiling water in the bowl. After that Kyzel stopped strring. Lastly Miss Szymanik  put the jelly in the fridge to set. The jelly tasted delicious. 


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Point England Pcinic

Last Friday Point England school went to the school beach and it was a beautiful day. First we went to get our hats and we walked to the hall. My Burt talked to us. Then we walked to the hall. The year ones had a swim, then the year twos then us. Lastly we went to go back to school. I had a great day because I was happy.