Friday, 4 August 2017

My Monster

My Monster has the big teeth and the big claws. he is 100 and he is the president of USA  and he is rich and the best monster in the word his favourite .food is fish and chips and hot dogs and juice and he likes people and cats and dog from the pet shop and he likes to play on his with his pets outside with the ball and went away from the. pets then he went for a walk to the pools to swim in the water then he went to go outside the pool and went to go to .boiling to get a strike and play pool and raceing on the way to the finish line to win the race and go away to his house the he watched tv at home then he went to go and play on his ps 5 and played Gta5 and the game on his game he plays Witaris games and gta5 on Xbox 360 and my hen and my gun water gun not a real gun.a fake gun and a pistol he plays with his dog at the back of the day when he went to go down the road he saw a little baby and a big .kid he made a game  that was called the police chase


1 comment:

  1. Hey Atari love the detail of your monster cause it is so creative and I love the same jorden who says a hero nah forget that you the smartest boy. In me.